WTFestival: Searching For Shenanigans

Images provided by  Push Play.   SHENANIGANS My name is Shenanigans, would you like magic mushrooms? Instructions: 1. Eat this 2. Drink this 3. Take my hand 4. Hold on tight SHENANIGANS Welcome to WTFestival. I’ll be your guide. Let me ask you this; How are your booty shaking skills? It’s my birthday. I’m looking…


Good Shit US!

Good Shit America! Golf claps all around. The boys discuss the USMNT loss against Belgium and the Timbers loss against Sporting Kansas City. Somehow their spirits are still high. Perhaps it’s because Cody is a rah rah motivator on the level of Gordon Bombay. Podcast: Play in new window | Download

This is a reflection of the mental image of the past month.

MLS Fantasy Update: Week 16

Since the infamous computer crash, this blog has been spotty. With the addition of what should be considered a global, month-long holiday (the World Cup), chances for consistent postings went to a dead zero. So here is a belated “happy World Cup” wish for you all. This tournament has been so wonderful and all-consuming that…


Fucked with Sex

The boys explain how the Lannister brothers were fucked with sex in the Game of Thrones season finale. Things are said that should never be said. Some of those things are inappropriate but it’s mostly embarrassing for Dan and Roscoe themselves. They will have to think long and hard about which shaft they want to…


Fuck Yea

The boys celebrate the USMNT 2-1 win over Ghana. Dan can barely contain his excitement, Jose expresses his nerves, and Cody bangs the walls like small boy celebrating New Years. Podcast: Play in new window | Download


The Wall

The boys review the latest Game of Thrones episode. More doctors listen to PTPC than any other podcast. 20, 679 physicians say that PTPC is less irritating than other podcasts.   Podcast: Play in new window | Download

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