Optimal Time

The boys discuss the Timbers 3-0 win over Vancouver. Dan gets poetic justice. Jose discusses his vacations. Cody makes Dinner. Roscoe avoids responsibility. All in all, it was a rompous affair. Podcast: Play in new window | Download


A Musing

Every night on some every street. The ring around my neck, evidence of a crime. Being strangled by my appetites. The every night girl’s refused my pay, slurring come back on another day.  I swear this story is better if I could just remember it right. All I see are streets so that is a…


Shit’s Legit

The boys embark on a relaunch of their new podcast Shit’s Legit. Each week Dan and Roscoe check out what’s new and decide if it’s the thing you should be watching. The current list: 1. Guardians of The Galaxy 2. Nathan For You 3. Blue Ruin This podcast is brought to you by The Portland…



The boys get together to drink beer and podcast. I know what you are thinking. Listener: I listen to these guys get drunk all the time. The Boys: But imagine if we did it on purpose, then it wouldn’t be sad anymore. Listener: Oh Fuck, you got me there. This podcast is brought to you…


Ass Whoopin’

Do you ever have the problem of feeling too good about yourself? Perhaps you’ve reeled off two straight wins and you start thinking: Gee, we might make the playoffs. Well there’s nothing like a good case of Ass Whoopin’ to set you in your place. You can get your case of Ass Whoopin’ in select…


Are We Family… Or What?

After two consecutive losses to the Seattle Sounders the Timbers Family was a little bit fractured going into the game against Colorado. In the week leading up to the game we called Caleb out on giving us excuses for losing. We finally admitted to ourselves that Merritt is a Super Rich Kid and fired up…

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