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Minute 27 Houston Goal #1

The Dynamo get out on the break after a Darren Mattocks turnover.  They have plenty of space to attack on the left but Powell comes out of nowhere and turns them back inside where Zemanski and Chara are entering their defensive zones.  Dynamo switch the field for a one on one between Jermaine Taylor vs. Andrew Wenger. Wenger deeks left, puts a heavy touch right and Taylor is put in the spin cycle.  Gleeson is in position to make the save but actually moves his leg out of the way of the shot to bring his right hand down but it’s too late.

Minute 29 Houston Goal #2

Melano playing defense on two guys. Is yelling for Zemanski to step forward. Zemanski stays back so the Timbers have 2 guys guarding one guy. Boniek Garcia sends a really nice inside out ball into Will Bruin. Borchers leaves too much space forcing Ridgewell to cut it out. Ridgewell gets there but the ball takes a cruel bounce and he whiffs it. Bruin toe pokes it past Gleeson.  Fuckin’ Will Bruin.

Minute 72 Valeri backheel chip to McInerney


Minute 77 Melano run through the midfield


Minute 80 Penalty

Ridgewell sends a ball up. I have him at 4/10 longballs going forward at this point. Taylor fights for it and we get a fortunate bounce. Melano picks it up, beats his guy to the right, floats one in and… Horst inexplicably brings it down with his arm.  Horst big and strong but lacks agility or body control. I think he’s just leaning too far forward and awkwardly reaches his arm out. Dumb… dumb…mental mistake.

Minute 87 Melano earns penalty

Starts around 87 where Melano fights to keep possession then burns through the midfield. He lays it off to Valentin.  Melano continues his run to the right, effective switching up sides of the field.  The ball finds it’s way to Valeri who makes a pass just underneath the oncoming defender. Melano pings the ball off a posted McInerney, Jack sends it back. Melano gets to the ball before the keeper puts it to his left and the keeper wipes him out. Melano’s finger prints are all over this goal.

Minute 92 Jewsbury Sub

Why is the last sub coming so late?



R: Powell

J: Valeri 

D: Melano 


R: Chara

J: Zemanski 

D: Zemanski 

Player Power Rankings

We have had many requests to return to our arbitrary rankings. So we’ll use the latest Adi rankings as a starting spot.

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