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Cody is the latest to his city and newest follower of the club. A little knowledgable of the game, exploding passion, avid Arsenal supporter, F1 fanatic, beer provider, the one on the left.

Reserve Minimum All-Stars: MLS Episode 8 – Dangerous Balls

Last weekend, before recording, Jeff told me his balls are dangerous. You could imagine my reaction. Just think about his Christmas ornaments for a moment. Enough of that, now. Game time: Report any editing/playback problems to me. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS

Reserve Minimum All-Stars: MLS Episode 7

Whose got AC? Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS

Reserve Minimum All-Stars: MLS Episode 6 – Crash and Burn

So folks, this is actually a couple days late. Met with great discouragement and time salvaging, this episode comes to you after a mini computer crash. There were some segments lost, so forgive the awkward transitions/jumps. Then again, we have our own line of reason that is, at times, difficult to follow. Play in…

Reserve Minimum All-Stars: MLS Episode 5 – Rocky Mountain Oysters

You might be thinking “wait a second, you guys don’t know how to count; five is not immediately after three.” You’re right, chap. Episode four is located on Cody’s computer, but we decided not to injure your ear drums with the recording problems we experienced. So while you have only been graced with Jeff’s and…


MLS Fantasy Review Week Eight

On my phone popped up a propaganda-like banner. A burly-ass lumberjack ((a real lumberjack with an axe, not a lumber-sexual)) with a giant Portland flag and a Japanese style sun burning in the background demanded something of me. It was a familiar logo, an old friend in the twittersphere. @ShiverMe_Timber needs a fantasy update. ((Shit…


Fabricated Rivalries Can Get Off Cody’s Lawn

There’s been this thing bugging me a little, since I started following MLS. It’s a glaring practice that I wholly disagree with. I don’t have any experience in public relations, media, promotion, or anything of the sort, but everything seem disingenuous. Much of MLS game promotion and advertisements are based on rivalries. Two new teams…


Cody’s Tie of the Week

    *Footnotes written by Roscoe Listeners may know of my attire. It nearly always includes a tie on recording day. ((I find this to be strange because while Cody is always wearing ties, he is rarely wearing pants))Unfortunately it’s a lasting impression from my work dress and not a hipster accessory contributing to Portland’s culture.((Cody…


What Scares You More: Burly-ass Men with Thickets of Beard and Screaming Chainsaws or Kittens?

One thing comes to mind when thinking of OCSC – Danny Mwanga’s homecoming! The new boys are coming to town. Orlando City has had a less than spectacular start to the season getting their only win from Houston 1 – 0 away. Yes, I’m pot. I’m calling for Kettle, he’s black. ((I’d argue we beat one…


MLS Fantasy Review Week Five

Hello everyone, Tinkering with my team has proven fruitless thus far in the season, so I decided to leave it alone last game week to see how everything played out. The result: the worst points total of the season. How sad… There is good news on the horizon though! It is a double game week,…


MLS Fantasy Review Week Three

Potland Timbros Fantasy Review Week Three Last week’s Timbros fantasy update was non-existent. I secluded myself in the forest, whining about my terrible luck. Feeling self-pity, and knowing that nobody else would give a shit, posting such a premature obit would have been pointless. Coming off the Timbros’ party for our friends made me curious….

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